The Dharma of Harm Reduction: Responding to Substance Use with the Compassion of the Buddha

The Dharma of Harm Reduction: Responding to Substance Use with the Compassion of the Buddha

          Pleased to announce that I’ve had an article published on the Buddhist Peace Fellowship website: This is generating some buzz and a long overdue discussion that broadens our understanding of how to respond compassionately to the suffering of substance use. Hope you enjoy, and your feedback is welcome. cheers, […]

New Beginnings in Gastown

New Beginnings in Gastown

Yesterday I got the keys for my new office in the beautiful heritage Mercantile Building, at 318 Homer Street. After four years subletting a space from Alistair Moes of Moose Anger Management, we mutually decided to part ways due to the growth of our practices. I’m just two blocks down the hill from Alistair’s office. […]

Mindfulness Meditation for Clinicians and Educators

Excited to have been invited to guest teach with my friend Michael Stone, for his Mindfulness Meditation for Clinicians and Educators program in Kelowna, BC. Giving attention may be the most potent skill a clinician or educator can offer. This training provides a dual opportunity to establish a meditation practice for personal well-being and resilience, […]

Upcoming Prenatal Meditation workshop as fundraiser for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

After receiving excellent care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at BC Women’s Hospital in May of 2014, I feel called to offer up this prenatal meditation workshop as a fundraiser to support the good work they do.  Feb 22nd 2015, please see for more details. with Gratitude: Brian

Refuge Recovery group starting in Vancouver

I, along with others interested in Buddhism and recovery from addiction, are co-creating Vancouver’s first Refuge Recovery group.  This is a model of recovery developed by my teacher Noah Levine and outlined in his recent book. I have volunteered to facilitate this group for the first six months, and we’ll see where it goes from […]

Out of Step: Substance Use Recovery outside the 12 Steps

I practice sobriety. And I haven’t done any of the 12 Steps. Let me be clear: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other 12 Step programs have helped thousands (millions?) of people to come into sobriety. Some of these people include mentors of mine, close friends, and teachers. Many of my clients have benefitted from this […]

Returning to the Breath, Returning to the Blog

Returning to the Breath, Returning to the Blog

It’s been awhile. When I set up my website as a blog, I actually had the intention of keeping the content current and fresh.  I haven’t been able to do that.  There are many reasons for this, including being the father of a new baby, a very active toddler, and a boy coming into his […]

First published article

Hi all, Happy to announce that I’ve managed to publish by first-ever peer-reviewed journal article, with my colleague Barbara Baumgartner: STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS: NARRATIVE PRACTICES IN SUPPORT OF FRONTLINE COMMUNITY WORK  WITH HOMELESSNESS, MENTAL HEALTH, AND SUBSTANCE USE We wrote this with the intention of offering a free downloadable article that might […]

Practicing with my teacher, who is two years old

Practicing with my teacher, who is two years old This is my second blog entry for Sharon Salzberg’s 28-day meditation challenge, enjoy!

True life confessions of a busy dad / meditation facilitator

I was asked recently to contribute to a blog related to Sharon Salzberg’s 28-day meditation challenge in February.  Here is my first go at it: with metta: Brian