Jordan Levine

PhD, Master of Counselling Candidate

We are happy to welcome Jordan to our team as a Master of Counselling intern from the City University of Seattle (Vancouver campus) program. We are offering his services at a reduced rate, with Brian’s supervision.

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Jordan is both a counselling intern, and an interdisciplinary social scientist.

In his counselling role, Jordan has a passion for active, empathic listening, and a deep curiosity about his clients’ unique lived experiences. Informed by Jordan’s immersion in the latest research, this means clients can expect a thoughtful and collaborative approach to adapting the most appropriate method of therapy for their needs.

Jordan’s combined background in anthropology, cognitive science, and counselling psychology means he provides clients a unique form of non-judgmental support to explore any or all aspects of their diverse human experience. This applies no matter how dark or troubling a client’s worries may be.

In addition to depression and anxiety, Jordan has particular clinical interests in trauma, somatization (e.g., chronic pain), tech addiction, loneliness, and relationship problems, as well as crises of faith and worldview.

Jordan has an equal interest in evidence-based body-mind approaches to therapy (e.g., meditative and somatic techniques) as well as talk-based approaches.

To book with Jordan, please contact / 778 320 8586


Yasmin Hajian

Master of Counselling, Registered Clinical Counsellor,

Yasmin’s practice includes an integration of narrative, somatic, and mindfulnessyasmin approaches that are situated in feminist, anti-oppressive and social justice principles. She strives to maintain ethical and political commitments to therapy while creating a warm, safe, and affirming experience. Yasmin’s intersectional lens focuses special attention on centering race, gender and sexual identity issues and the LGBTQ2SIA+ community. She comes to this work with a background in activism and lived experience as a refugee in her early life contending with marginalization, socioeconomic class struggles, and finding identity while navigating our dominant normative society.

Yasmin is also a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) and has been working for Vancouver Coastal Health in community mental health and substance use services since 2008. In addition to her clinical work, Yasmin’s role as an educator includes teaching workshops, such as Trauma-Informed Practice and Healing Centered Engagement for helping professionals.

If you decide to collaborate with Yasmin, you will be invited to safely explore pertinent issues that may be getting in the way of personal and collective healing, develop a more harmonious relationship to yourself and your community, find liberation from oppression and cultivate your inherent wisdom of the body and mind.

If Yasmin seems like a fit for you, please contact her at to book a session.

Ly Hoang

MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Ly brings energy, strong ethics, and a mindful therapeutic presence to her work. Ly Sitting in Garden #2. Vanvouver (8/5/13)

Counselling sessions with Ly are focused on building self efficacy by identifying strengths and fostering resiliency. Ly uses mindfulness strategies, narrative therapy, and brief solution focused therapy to ground her practice. Ly believes in the power of words and the importance of sharing authentic personal stories.

Ly’s background in social justice work had her wondering why there weren’t more mental health professionals of diverse backgrounds. Recognizing a need for professionals to be reflective of the communities they serve, Ly found it important to pursue a career in counselling. Ly’s passionate about working with and learning from girls, people of colour, queer youth, immigrants and other marginalized communities.

Ly values personal growth and having a reflective practice. She is committed to her own daily mindfulness practice and monthly clinical supervision sessions. In her free time, Ly likes to explore activities that challenge different parts of her brain. For example, even though she has two left feet, Ly attends weekly contemporary dance classes to push herself outside of her comfort zone. Ly lives in Vancouver with her partner and rescue dog named Ella.

If Ly seems like a fit for you, please contact her at to book a session.


Lorraine Grieves

MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Lorraine is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and active member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC #8442).lorraine

She has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and has been practicing as a helping professional since the early 1990s in a diverse range of roles and programs.
As a young student, Lorraine worked at a therapy clinic in Vancouver, BC that provided direct care to clients and embraced and taught narrative therapy to counsellors. She spent a number of years in formal study in psychology in university augmented by the practice-based training available through the group of mentors she worked with who are experts in narrative therapy practice.

While working on her Master’s degree, Lorraine worked at a live-in, therapeutic, group program called Peak House where young people ages 13-18 and their families accessed intensive support for substance use issues and addiction. It was during this time that her group and family counselling and family therapy skills were enhanced by the practice of doing daily group therapy under the supervision of Vikki Reynolds, PhD.

Lorraine approaches this work as a lifelong learner and has pursued training in decolonizing and anti-oppressive practice, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, trauma-informed and trauma-specific practice, along with additional training focused on advanced practice with LGB, Two-Spirit, queer, and trans clients. As a queer, adopted, Cree and Scottish cis woman, Lorraine is attentive to how forces of marginalization can contribute to the issues clients come to counselling about. Lorraine is skilled at helping clients to place problems in context and to track resistance and resiliency in order to build hope and liberation.

Lorraine is the proud parent of a now-adult daughter, and lives and plays on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tseil-Waututh nations.

If Lorraine seems like a fit for you, please contact her at to book a session.