Renu Parmar, Intern

Master of Counselling Candidate

We are happy to welcome Renu to our team as a Master of Counselling intern from the City University of Seattle (Vancouver campus) program. We are offering her services at a reduced rate, with Brian’s supervision. counsellor pic

Renu combines various modalities in her practice, including mindfulness-based somatic therapy, CBT, and narrative therapy. She is also a meditation teacher and is able to address spiritual health as an integral part of well-being if the client wishes to explore this in sessions. Renu specializes in working with adults who have experienced trauma and are struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or relationship issues.

Mindfulness-based somatic therapy is an integrative approach to healing trauma using body-oriented processes that help regulate the nervous system. Our traumas and wounds inform how we interact with the world and the issues that come up for us as we cope with daily life. Somatic therapy provides a gateway into feeling those wounds in the body so that they can be expressed and released. The result is to feel more resilient, whole, and embodied.

Renu combines somatic therapy with talk therapy depending on the individual’s needs, requests, and comfort level in each session. Feelings of safety and trust are key in building a therapeutic relationship. This safety will be cultivated through deep empathetic listening, compassion, and openness to various worldviews.

To book with Renu, please contact / 778 320 8586

Jordan Levine, Associate

PhD, Master of Counselling

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Jordan is both a counsellor, and an interdisciplinary social scientist.

In his counselling role, Jordan has a passion for active, empathic listening, and a deep curiosity about his clients’ unique lived experiences. Informed by Jordan’s immersion in the latest research, this means clients can expect a thoughtful and collaborative approach to adapting the most appropriate method of therapy for their needs.

Jordan’s combined background in anthropology, cognitive science, and counselling psychology means he provides clients a unique form of non-judgmental support to explore any or all aspects of their diverse human experience. This applies no matter how dark or troubling a client’s worries may be.

In addition to depression and anxiety, Jordan has particular clinical interests in trauma, somatization (e.g., chronic pain), tech addiction, loneliness, and relationship problems, as well as crises of faith and worldview.

Jordan has an equal interest in evidence-based body-mind approaches to therapy (e.g., meditative and somatic techniques) as well as talk-based approaches.

To book with Jordan, please contact / 778 320 8586