My name is Brian and I’m a therapist, workshop leader, and meditation facilitator from Vancouver, British Columbia who has been doing innovative work in the mental health and addictions field since 1997. I provide deeply meaningful workshops for organizations, and powerful therapeutic experiences for individuals, couples, and families. I trained as a Meditation Facilitator with Noah Levine at the Against the Stream meditation centre in Los Angeles.


Enso Teen Expedition

Enso Teen Expedition

June 9, 2017

Please pass thing along to any teens who might be interested. Great opportunity to practice meditation together in a wilderness environment.

Rites of Passage: Out of the Therapy Room and into the World

Rites of Passage: Out of the Therapy Room and into the World

October 25, 2015

In 1909, French anthropologist Arnold van Gennep coined the term “rites of passage.” He was observing that many traditional cultures have celebrations / ceremonies to mark a life transition from one identity to another.

Are you struggling in your relationship with substances?  With low mood, anxiety, grief, conflict with a family member, or other problems?

I am currently accepting new clients for individual, couples, and family therapy.  My practice is informed by Narrative Therapy and Buddhism. Grounded in practices of social justice and compassion, I provide individual, couples, and family therapy based in mindfulness and meditation techniques, talk therapy, and therapeutic letter writing.   I believe that we all have stories told about us, that we then live through.  My task as a therapist is to work as an ally for people to deconstruct unhelpful stories and to re-author their lives in a preferred way.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and a Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, assuring two levels of third-party accountability and often partial coverage of my fees by extended medical plans.  I am also an approved ICBC Injury Recovery Partner, and approved for assisting victims of crime through the Crime Victim Assistance Program.