The Dharma of Harm Reduction: Responding to Substance Use with the Compassion of the Buddha

The Dharma of Harm Reduction: Responding to Substance Use with the Compassion of the Buddha

          Pleased to announce that I’ve had an article published on the Buddhist Peace Fellowship website: This is generating some buzz and a long overdue discussion that broadens our understanding of how to respond compassionately to the suffering of substance use. Hope you enjoy, and your feedback is welcome. cheers, […]

The “McMindfulness” debate and its relevance to counselling: Five Reflections

Mindfulness had quite a year in 2013 as a cultural phenomenon. It’s increasing in popularity among companies in the silicon valley, being promoted widely as a health and wellness “tool”, and all the rage in my field of counselling for addressing depression, anxiety, and recovery from substance use.  Given the religious/political climate in the U.S., […]

Resting Attention with the Breath – a guided meditation mp3

Recorded Sept 9 / 2012 in an individual therapy appointment with one of my clients at my office in downtown Vancouver. Thanks to this person for their generosity in allowing me to share it here so that you might benefit.  Click on the link below to stream it, or right-click to save for your computer […]

Baby Buddha: My 14 month-old Dharma Teacher

My youngest son “Sidney” is 14 months old now, with equal qualities of busyness and cuteness.  Certainly keeps me and my partner on our toes.  And it has implications for my Buddhist practice as well, one of which is that a 14 month-old has proven to be a powerful dharma teacher.  I think of him […]

Plugged In: Digital Distraction and the Search for Clarity

click here for full pdf of full-colour poster with Ross Laird (PhD, RCC) and Brian Dean Williams (MA, CCC) Saturday October 13th, 9am – 4pm Location:  UBC Asian Centre Auditorium The cultures of technology are now essential features of contemporary life. Social media, mobile devices, screens and applications of all kinds now fill our personal and family […]

Tweet’ked Out: Social Media and the Monkey Mind

It’s been a month of technology interfacing for me. I designed and launched this website, got an Android smartphone, increased my presence on Twitter and Facebook, signed up for LinkedIn, and set up a new email account for my private practice. Needless to say, my new phone has been blowing up with new things to […]