The Noble Eightfold Path – Meditation and Discussion at the CMHA in North Vancouver

I’m leading this session as part of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Health and Wellness series in North Vancouver, it’s a public event and you’re welcome to join me:

The Noble Eightfold Path – Meditation and Discussion
Have you noticed that certain aspects of experience are unsatisfying? That suffering exists in your life? Could it be that this is part of the human condition and not a personal failing? Can it be overcome? This session of meditation and discussion will introduce a secular Buddhist perspective on The Noble Eightfold Path – a set of practices that can support our wellness. No need to abandon current beliefs, or to be Buddhist, to benefit from this session.

Everyone welcome! 7 – 8pm. Admission by Donation
Location: Second Floor, John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West 1st St., North Vancouver, BC

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