Beyond Mindfulness: Buddhism and Post-structural Therapies

Brian Dean Williams (MA, CCC) and Scott Lawrance (EdD, RCC)

Preconference session at the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s Annual Conference

Thursday May 24, 1:30 – 4:30pm

Westin Hotel – Calgary, Alberta

Mindfulness-based practices have a proven efficacy for depression, substance use treatment, stress reduction, pain management, and for therapist “self-care”. However, mindfulness is just one aspect of a vast array of understandings and practices developed over the course of the 2500 year history of Buddhism. Join the dialogue that is beginning to emerge among Buddhist, collaborative, social constructionist, and post-structural therapies.

Scott Lawrance
Scott Lawrance is a counsellor educator who has worked extensively in schools, private practice, wilderness therapy, and EAP. He has been a practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism for over 40 years.

Brian Williams
Brian Williams works with Raincity Housing First Act, Vancouver, and in private practice. He has led mindfulness training programs for service providers, participants in residential training programs, and at-risk youth.

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