What’s with the “Dean” ?

If you’ve known me previously, you may be wondering why I’m including my middle name on my website and marketing materials.

It’s basically a way to distinguish myself from the many other “Brian Williams” that are out there in the world!

I’ve also often thought that my somewhat generic-sounding name doesn’t reflect the innovative, edgy, unique aspect of my self and my practice.  I remember as a child I tried to “change” my name to Dean at school, only to realize a few weeks later it was equally generic.  The two in combination?  Feels like a better fit – for now.

On a side note, Brian Dean Williams also sounds like Billy Dee Williams, the actor who played Lando Callrissian in my favorite film of all time, Star Wars – which has been a guiding metaphor for me in many ways since childhood in the 1970s.

So there ya go, secret’s out!

Hope you’re enjoying the website.


  1. Rachel says:

    I always do a double take when I hear about the news anchor Brian Williams…”That Brian, such a multi-faceted person,” I always think….

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